How To Listen to Rushwave



To add a station to your Sonos system use this guide: 

Add an Internet Radio station to Sonos

Rushwave 2112 Radio streaming URL:

Roberts Radio

On your Roberts radio select the internet radio function - go to “Station List” and select “Help”, then select the “Get Access Code” – keep a note of this code.

Then go to the website:

Register on the site. It will ask for your radio code first, then you fill in the rest with your details.

Once you’re logged in, you can add stations which will appear in the “My Added Stations” section on your Roberts radio.

Rushwave 2112 Radio streaming URL:


At the moment we don't have an Alexa Skill for our stations.

However, Progwave Radio and Rushwave 2112 Radio are both available on the myTuner Alexa Skill. Enable the myTuner Radio Player app in your Amazon store account. Then...

“Alexa, ask myTuner Radio to get me Rushwave 2112 Radio”

Please contact us with any queries about adding the stations!

Radio apps & websites hosting Rushwave 2112 Radio

Other Ways To Listen